Pre-wedding Photography & Holiday

Nothing spells love more than pre-wedding photos.

If you think having destination weddings are too complicated and expensive, there is another way out! You can still have your pre-wedding photoshoots at the destination of your dreams and display those pictures at your wedding reception for your guests to admire!

Make your wedding day more special by sharing your love story through the lens.

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Create your ultimate wedding album with a full photoshoot wherever you want! Enjoy posing with stunning scenarios and a natural background of exotic beaches and mountain in Thailand. Undeniably, Thailand is gaining popularity among couples from all over the world who are seeking amazing scenery for their destination pre-wedding photography. The key destinations we recommend are Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai.


Once we have a full plan and know what you expect, now you just have to choose the destinations we’ve picked from all over Thailand. We won’t go with the typical cliches, but actually pick places where you can make an everlasting memory with your sweetheart,  somewhere you could even come back to visit on the anniversary!


Besides the pre-wedding photo shoot, you can always have a wonderful pre-honeymoon trip that allows both of you to keep memories of each other before tying the knot.